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Embedded Electronics development

Our main focus is developing electronic modules, both hardware and embedded software.

Knowing and supporting product development from the early stages improves the product quality and can minimize the production and design costs significantly. Having all development, prototype production and testing facilities in house means the shortest time-to-market period.

Our field of expertise is in customized industrial electronics, subG telemetry solutions and battery managment systems. Due to our wide experience, we have successfully established projects operating as high as the Himalayas, as well as hundreds of meters below sea level.

  • Phase Identifier System

    Phase Identifier System is used to unique identify the phase […]

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  • DST-4 Distillation Controller

    DST-4 is a dedicated distillation controller for brewing different types […]

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  • 1,5 kW VFD motor controller

    Variable frequency controller (VFD Controller) was designed to drive motors […]

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  • Remote Controllers

    Several remote controllers were developed for both industrial and agricultural […]

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    IoT power supply provides stabilized 3V3 and 5V0 output with […]

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  • GSM/SubG Remote Control

    RF remote controller can control load via both SubG (868 […]

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  • OM-7 Animal Stunner

    Animal Stunner is used to stun animals before slaughtering to […]

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  • CPU Module

    CPU module is an add-on, used in several applications using […]

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  • RF-22 Communicator

    This module was developed as a RF replacement for a […]

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  • 6S Standalone BMS

    Integrated 6S BMS for standalone operation as 24 V PbGel […]

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  • 13S Stackable BMS

    Starkable 13S BMS unit (48 V) with galvanically isolated CAN-BUS […]

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  • 3S BMS With Integrated PD Charging

    Complete Lithium-Ion Power Delivery system with 3S LiIon cells, battery […]

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  • 10S E-Bike BMS

    10S BMS was designed for 250 – 1000 W e-bikes […]

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  • VideoVOX

    Custom developed for cave rescue teams to establish WLAN access […]

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  • OLED CAN Driver

    This board enables testing of OLD displays in the OLED […]

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  • TCXO Power Logger

    TCXO logger is used to time-accurate  data collecting from electric […]

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  • ToF Security Barrier

    Innovative safety barrier solution based on latest Time-Of-Flight sensors. With […]

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Alterus organ controller

ALTERUS is our own product, both developed and manufactured by our company.

It ensures high quality, easy integration and great support.

Find out more about ALTERUS controller