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Iksor d.o.o.
Špruha 33, 1236 Trzin
Tax number: SI45495971

Telephone: 041 905 666
E-mail: [email protected]

The address of our website is:

Collection of personal data

We use forms on our website in which personal data can be entered. One is located on the Contacts page and is intended for visitors to our website if they want to send us an inquiry or any other message. The data entered by the visitor in the form are sent to the e-mail address [email protected].


For a better user experience, we use cookies that remember your visit, but we do not have information on whose cookie it is. It is therefore an anonymous use. These cookies are used to remember your settings on the site and allow the user to operate the site more user-friendly.

Content of external services

Google Map is used at the foot of the website to show the location of our office. By using this map, you agree to their terms.


The site uses Google Analytics. This makes it easier to understand the behavior of visitors to our site and in this way it is easier to adapt the content and technically improve the site.

Data storage

The data in cookies are stored for 30 days.

The data sent by the visitor via the form on the website are stored in the database indefinitely or. until we receive a request to delete personal data. The user may at any time request the deletion of his data by sending a request to [email protected].

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